Sophie Benge

Ageing Gracefully Retreat

My second Ageing Gracefully Retreat runs from April 4-7 at Chalcot House in Wiltshire.

Full details coming soon. It will be just like the first, which was hugely loved by all who came.

“Absolutely perfect, loved it. We want more” - Laurence Jenkell, guest

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NOVEMBER 15th - 18th 2018


FROM £650


As women we start to change in the run-up and during our menopausal years. I'm delighted to curate the first in a series of women-only retreats on the art of 'ageing gracefully'.

This retreat offers you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of your body and your relationship with life from different yet complementary perspectives.

Wherever you are on this very path, you can age gracefully, with vitality and purpose. You can banish night sweats and mood swings and boost self-compassion and sexual magnetism. This can be a journey of joyful transformation where you feel more alive and connected to yourself than you ever imagined.

I've brought together loving and expert women to help you navigate the biological and emotional ups and downs of our changing wisdom over a long weekend in a private country house in Wiltshire.

love yourself, love life; feel physically vital and emotionally grounded

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  •  learn more about your health and hormones before or during your menopausal years.

  •  receive lifestyle, nutrition and excericse advice on how best to navigate this new phase of life.

  •  experience effective practices to awaken your sensual energy and reconnect with your inner self.

  •  benefit from one-to-one sessions with each of our experts.

  •  take part in twice-daily womb-centred yoga, meditation and movement classes.

  • enjoy profound face and body treatments with visiting practitioners (extra cost) 



Dr Amalia Annaradnam

Amalia's special interest is in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and healthy ageing through diet and exercise. She is a GP and partner at The London Hormone Clinic in Harley Street. She also practices at Grace Medical and Wellbeing Clinic in London.

Amalia is a firm believer in preventative medicine, good nutrition, exercise and lifestyle management and blends alternative and conventional medicine in her work with patients.

Following her medical degree she worked at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge and, as a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, has practiced primary care in Bristol and London. She holds diplomas in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Sexual Health and Reproductive Healthcare.


Kalindi Jordan

Kalindi's specialist interest is working with women (and couples) in sensuality. She awakens the body's wisdom to create flow and facilitate change and she teaches people how to use sexual energy to stay vibrant. Her profound understanding of the human energy system, psychology and sexual nature comes from her study and practice of Taoism, Tantra, Vedic mysticism, bodywork and being present with life as it unfolds.

Kalindi is body sentient meaning she senses people's energy. She holds a safe space to help them connect with it and move it to release blockages and nurture their own inner positive source of vitality.

'From the moment I met Kalindi, I was instantly magnetised to her. My first thought was 'I want what she's got.' Asselle.


Paola Ferretti-Johnson

Poala is a qualified Pilates instructor and teacher of The Feldenkrais Method, a somatic form of movement based on principles of physics, neurology and physiology to relieve restricted movement and chronic pain and improve posture and flexibility.

Poala teaches Awareness Through Movement (ATM) mat classes that focus on sensing, resting and moving to engage the whole body, allowing it to replace old habits with new awareness and function. Her one-on-one Functional Integration (FI) work, with specific yet gentle manipulation reorganises the body to treat minor aches to serious muscular skeletal issues.

Her work encourages new possibilities that foster physical change and greater vitality and emotional wellbeing.

Paola's FI treatment is booked separately at extra charge

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Lucinda Wallop

Lucinda's Yuva Face Massage, is a natural facelift technique focussing on touch and intention. She uses her fingers and palms in a gentle rhythm, with special attention on acupressure points, to release tension in the muscles and connective skin tissue.

Yuva ('youthful' in Hindi) stimulates blood and energy flow to brighten the complexion, exfoliate skin cells and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This external glow is mirrored by an inner radiance due to the emotionally balancing effects of the treatment for relieving stress, lifting your spirit and calming your mind.

Lucinda is accredited by the Complementary Medical Association (UK) and continues to add nurturing elements to her ever-evolving facial 'magic'.

Lucinda's Yuva Face Massage is booked separately at extra charge


Every day starts with yoga, meditation or gentle movement with Kalindi or Paola.

After breakfast spend each of the three mornings in a group workshop alternating between Amalia and Kalindi.

Amalia shares her knowledge of hormones, lifestyle, diet, exercise, and details and choices around hormone replacement therapy.

Kalindi will take you through a mix of meditations, movement, breathing and visualisations to tap into, play with and fully live the magic of your female body.

One afternoon you will have a private session with Amalia, on the other a one-on-one session with Kalindi, working at an individual level.

During the afternoons you are welcome to book a Yuva Face Massage with Lucinda and Functional Integration Feldenkrais with Paola.

There will be time to wander around the beautiful estate, rest or take a sauna.

After supper, it's time to dance or wind down with more gentle, group movement with Kalindi or Paola to further connect with your own energetic self.



Chalcot House is a Palladian manor that stands alone in its own rolling parkland not far from Bath. During your stay, this beautiful family house will be your home-from-home, with sofas to curl up in, fires to relax by and a small sauna in which to get your blood flowing.

All bedrooms are decorated in English Country House style, some have four poster beds and all have long views of the Wiltshire countryside. Some have their own bathroom, others share. There is space - and silence - to feel free and let go.

All home-cooked meals, served round the kitchen table, are prepared in the style of Ottolenghi. This is not a detox retreat.


The three-day course cost, including your meals: £450


The accommodation costs, which vary according to the room type you choose and whether or not you share.  

Super Grand with Ensuite Bathroom: single occupancy £750, sharing £375

Elegant with Ensuite Bathroom: single occupancy £600, sharing £300

Elegant with a Shared Bathroom: single occupancy £400, sharing £200

We welcome 10 women on the Ageing Gracefully Retreat and rooms are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Feel free to talk with me about room options.; +44 7951056609 


Chalcot House is a 2 hour 20 minute drive from London. It is a 10 minute car ride from Westbury train station where there are taxis (1 hour 20 minutes from Paddington). It is a 1 hour drive from Bristol airport.

Arrive on Thursday November 15th between 5 and 7 pm.

Depart on Sunday November 18th between 3 and 4 pm.

Yuva Face Massage and Feldenkrais Functional Integration treatments are charged separately.

Amalia and Kalindi both offer you a 10% discount on your first post-retreat consultation.

I offer you specially-chosen 'goddess gifts' to bring you more joy on your Ageing Gracefully journey.


Bookings are made on a first-come, first served basis on receipt of full payment. Places are limited to 10.

Amendments to bookings may be made up to 21 days prior to the retreat date.

If you are unable to attend less than 21 days prior to the retreat you are welcome to send another woman in your place. If you are unable to attend within 21 days or less prior to the retreat date, due to personal circumstances, illness or conditions outside your control, the cancellation policy still applies.

In the unlikely and unfortunate event that the retreat has to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond my control, I will give as much notice as reasonably possible and offer alternative retreat dates. I will not be liable for any other costs and expenses incurred in this case.