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Change your energy, change your life

Change Your Energy, Change Your Life



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I arrived feeling tired and slightly bewildered. My life was so busy but little of it reflected what I really wanted to be doing. From the first day, slowly, gently and with lots of guidance, Coco and Paola, began their amazing teaching. Through movement, meditation, talking and lots of laughter the days unfolded and a new energy poured in! What a wonderful experience to enjoy the company of new friends, discover new avenues and be given the tools to take this new found positivity back into everyday life. Other highlights were of course the amazing accommodation and food beautiful prepared by Emily and Sophie, the wine, the sunsets and blue blue Mediterranean.
— Sian Hansen

Transform Your Energy : Change Your Life Workshops

with Coco

Do you want to move through life with more ease? Let go of whatever it is that is holding you back, even if you don’t know what that is? Coco’s workshops inspire our own energetic transformation, empowering us to create meaningful change. When we explore body-based practices we access new possibilities within our own lives and the world at large.




Contemporary Shamanism

Contemporary Shamanism with Coco is the experience of tapping into the energetics of our body to shift our perception and experience of life.

In this four-hour workshop Coco will dip into her Mary Poppins bag of gentle, playful and powerful practices for energetic transformation. When feeling deep into your body you can effortlessly melt any areas of suffering or frustration, start to notice things differently and view yourself and the world around you with new eyes and infinite possibilities.

Coco’s magic lies in creating a space of love and support, tracking where you may be stuck, then taking you into your own sense-based awareness. This shifts the core energies and triggers change right now. It really works and feels great!

Her blend of dialogue, hands-on work, movement and esoteric understanding reaches the deep, knowing place at a cellular level within our bodies. Reprogramming in this sublte realm creates beautiful flow and manifestation in our daily lives.




In this three-hour workshop Coco will lead you through a wave of delicious movements from the really slow to the really frenzied. Less talk and more experience of being in your body allows you to tap into the subltleties of your sensuality as a potent route for dissolving whatever restrictions may be lurking. 

Gather your energy with qi gong, feel it flow with guided visualisation, ‘stir the honey’ (as Coco says) with gyrating dance moves, then blow your top with some trance-like music from Burning Man. Wake and shake your body and bring it down again with sensuous stretching. Lie flat; sink deep. 

Coco shares her ability to sense the world - from the physical, mental, emotional and energetic - through the body. This sensual journey is a beautiful route for radiating a new you, freeing up your energy to align with your soul’s desire.



We thrive rather than survive when are chakras spin right. They contain chords of energetic information that we are, unwittingly, sending out into the world around us.

In this four-hour brain and body workshop Coco will talk and walk you through each chakra, helping you to fill them with light so that the information in your energetic system lights up too.

Coco takes a loving and playful approach to nurture the potency in our chakra system. You’ll want to take some notes. And you’ll want to melt with sound, giggles, guided visualisations and succulent movement as you journey through each of them: grounding firmly, sensing juicily, acting confidently, feeling compassionately, communicating clearly, understanding intuitively and connecting vibrantly to all your experiences. 

This will usher in ripples of change within your body, mind and soul.




Coco has been immersed in healing and arts since childhood. With a bachelor’s degree in alternative education, dance, and cross cultural spirituality, she continued to study, acquiring over 4000 hours of courses. She has an extensive knowledge of yoga, shamanism, qi gung, energy medicine, spiritual alchemy, dance, mediation, music, and osteopathic body work.  

Coco imbues her lifestyle with the embodiment of the practices she teaches. In 2015 she sold her yoga studio and teacher training program in Washington and has been touring the globe since.   

She is known for her straight forward, loving, creative and playful approach, working with people and businesses as a healer, mentor, leader and coach world wide.