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Coco and Paola bios

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Elizabeth Cocoann Galis

Elizabeth Cocoann, Coco for short, has been immersed in healing and arts since childhood.  After completing her BA in Education and Dance, she travelled the world immersed in the study and practice of bodywork, energy work, shamanism, meditation, yoga, and other healing modalities. Integrating these disciplines, she has created her own unique and effective approach to healing and creating a life of embodied joy.  She has a Masters in Traditional Shamanic Energy Medicine and 20+ years experience with over 4000 hours of education.   




 Coco's training, combined with her visionary gifts and attention to detail, enhance her ability as a healer and entrepreneur. She founded Yarrow Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Studio, and sustainable clothing boutique in Washington State while practicing energy work, bodywork, and business consulting internationally.  After selling her studio at the end of 2015 Coco dove deep into a life entirely imbued with her practices, leading her into a globally nomadic life.  She works with individuals and organizations remotely and in person, as a pioneer in embodied human evolution. 


Paola Ferretti-Johnson

Paola aims to raise awareness of how we move and function. She encourages new possibilities of movement to enhance many aspects of everyday life, resulting in a concrete and efficient way to greater vitality and wellbeing.

Paola grew up in Milan, lived in New York as a financial marketeer and settled in London with her family. She's always had a passion for movement, practicing yoga for 20 years. On discovering the Pilates method to rehabilitate from a knee injury she qualified as a teacher (2007).


After years of teaching she has now also qualified in the Feldenkrais Method (2016), a somatic educational system aimed at improving physical function by increasing overall awareness of movement. And in 2017 completed the first module/year in the Franklin Method, which uses dynamic imagery, anatomical embodiment and educational skills to create lasting positive changes in the body-mind.