Sophie Benge



I curate workshops and retreats with expert practitioners in areas that especially interest me:                         Ageing Gracefully and Energetic Transformation to create meaningful life change.

 NEXT UP…… NOVEMBER 31st - DECEMBER 3rd 2019:

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A Retreat for Women Over 40

November 31st - December 3rd 2019

Chalcot House, Wiltshire

Details Coming Soon


transform your energy, change your life

Do you want to move through life effortlessly? Let go of whatever it is that is holding you back, even if you don’t exactly know what that is?These workshops and retreats inspire our own energetic transformation for embracing a richer life. Energy is the only constant change. When we explore ourselves with body-based practices we explore infinite possibilities within our universe: inside of us and in the world around us.

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awaken your sensual, sexual and sacred self

The female essence inside every woman is an energetic and magnetic quality that makes her feel attractive, radiant, sensual and grounded. If you want to experience more of your ‘true woman glory’: be more open in your body, more connected to your own sexual nature, feel more pleasure in intimate situations or attract a fulfilling relationship and always be joyously in the moment, these workshops and retreats will guide you to find, tap into, play, practice and fully live your feminine power.