The purpose of the Ageing Gracefully Programme is to inspire confidence and wellbeing in mid-life women.

All women go through this transitional life phase. With varying experiences. Declining hormone levels contribute, without question, to how we look, feel and perform. There are other life factors and lifestyles too: chinks in our armour that become more prominent in our middle years.

Ageing Gracefully is the first programme to holistically embrace this changing phase from a broad range of perspectives. It’s built on a passionate belief that this can be a joyful time of transformation, that we can feel more alive and connected than we ever imagined. More productive and more purposeful.

Correct information relating to this life phase is essential: to overcome hormonal issues, from mood swings to a ‘menopause middle’. All of this is covered to give women clarity. I create a safe and confidential space, to listen and share.

Yet there’s more, that stands Ageing Gracefully apart. It’s about making women feel good about themselves at a time when questions can sneak in. Offering them inspiration, choice, ideas, novel approaches and experiences. In a way that is sure-footed, yet light-hearted too.

After all, beneath our business acumen, our corporate lives, our family and financial demands, we are still women.


Personally, I take hormones, I eat to support my gut, I intermittent fast and aim for the 10,000 daily steps, but I don’t always manage it all.

For me – and it may well be different for you –  life magic happens when I dance, put my nose in a rose, walk barefoot in grass, rock my pelvic girdle, breathe … open a new body oil, exquisitely packaged, and massage my chest to open my heart.

I love a Vitamin C serum that makes my complexion glow and, in hindsight, the heat treatment, which traumatised my face at the time, yet really did stimulate the collagen for plumpness. A new-find SPF that doesn’t clog up my pores in a ghostly pallour is a reason to smile. And to know that pink by my skin makes me sing and yellow makes me sallow.

A Cambridge-PhD-led technology, that reveals my biological age from a saliva sample … this excites me greatly. It helps me know what steps to take to boost my longevity. And vitality. Ancient and far-flung civilisations know more than a thing or two about this also.

I’ve done the research, the reading, the time, the expert meetings and the listening to my intuition, to know what’s good – and what’s not – for me. And to know what’s for real and what’s more bogus. I’m a 54-year-old woman with a long career in wellness.


I offer my clients a series of workshops from the Ageing Gracefully programme. We decide on a series that’s right for you.

Workshops come with workbooks, resources and action steps.

Plus, one-on-one consultations, with specialist referrals that add a personal, private element to the Ageing Gracefully experience.

This is a journey, that benefits from ongoing support.