As lockdown lifts, let’s not take our foot off the gas when it comes to being careful – for us and for those around us. This essential oil spray is a simple option to add to our anti-viral armoury.

Straight up – is it evidence-based or placebo effect? I’m not sure but a bit of natural, at-home ritual in the name of self-protection is a positive. And the therapeutic properties of essential oils are long proven.


Viruses are airborne so it’s a good idea to ward them off a their point of entry: our eyes, nose and mouth. If we spritz our anti-viral spray around our head, we are going some way to halt transmission before it can gain a firm foothold.


Viruses are hard to destroy because they surround themselves with a strong protein shell which forms an impenetrable shield around them. Essential oils, containing natural chemical compounds from plant sources, have some success in breaking through the protective shell.


I’ve listed some here. They’re not the sweet-smelling ones. A bit like with Listerine, their pungency reassures, even if psychologically, that they just might be effective. There’s much published evidence for the antiseptic an anti-viral properties of the chemical compounds of certain essential oils or combinations thereof, for their ability to destroy microbes or reduce viral infection. 


Blend 100 ml of distilled water (buy it at the chemist) with 30 – 40 drops of anti-viral essential oils to suit your sense of smell (it’s not an exact science) and a pinch of salt (because salt is an emulsifier and oil and water are, by nature, immiscible). Use a dark glass spray bottle to protect the integrity of the blend (essential oils can bio-degrade plastic). 

Add this, along with your other protective remedies, to your anti-Covid cupboard. 

Wishing everyone a safe ride in our new normal.