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Art of the Sensual Woman


Art of the Sensual Woman - with Kalindi

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Awaken your sensual, sexual and sacred self

This workshop is an opportunity to deepen your connection with your body and your relationship with life. Kalindi holds a safe space guiding you to release any blockages or old wounds - from emotional or physical pain and a lonely heart to feeling body conscious or failing to reach the orgasm we can fully enjoy.

Kalindi’s feminine energy is palpable and kind. Her very particular embodied practices focus on breath, movement and creating a healthy body relationship with particular attention on your womb space, belly, heart, hips, spine and vagina. They feed your self-compassion and the vibrancy you exude. 

We all have an amazing ability to change. With patience, practice, focus and lots of love, the energetics of our body shift. When our sexual energy is in flow, flow follows in what we feel and what we attract: the loving relationship, perfect paid work and beautiful orgasmic potential. It’s all connected and the journey is creative, sensuous and fun.



Kalindi works with women and couples in sensuality and sexuality. She has spent 20 years exploring her own and other people’s energy. Her profound understanding of the human energy system, psychology and sexual nature comes from her study and practice in Taoism, Tantra, Vedic mysticism, bodywork and being present with life as it unfolds. This has taught her to be body-sentient: when she is working with you, she feels the energy in her as you feel it in you. She moves it, releases it and nurtures it to help you align to your heart’s desire. This is a rare and precious gift.

‘From the moment I met Kalindi, I was instantly magnetised to her. My first thought was ‘I want what she’s got!’ Asselle.