At this time, when we don’t know what’s true and what’s not, when most of what we hear is negative and when ‘going out’ is limited, I believe that ‘going in’, is our best foundation for peace and pleasure. My ideas for doing this are so, so simple, just small reminders to rekindle self-love, at the end of an autumn day. When we nourish ourselves, life takes on a more balanced flow.

  • GINGER TEA  Living in synch with nature’s rhythms is key to our wellbeing. In Ayurveda, Autumn is Air season where cold and wind outside, are reflected internally: bloating, aching joints and colds. Steeping ginger in a cup of hot water is nurturing and warming. For me it’s the best post-supper ’tisane’ for easing digestion. Grate (better than slicing) a 3cm knob straight into the cup, with lemon and honey perhaps, and pour from the kettle. Or boil in a pan and simmer for 15 miniutes, for a stronger brew.
  • CANDLE LIGHT A flickering flame is a friend, and the more the merrier. Scented candles, full of fragrant promise, so often disappoint once lit, don’t you find? I’m sampling lots while researching the development of my own (my product line is in the making!) Here are two beauties with properly natural wax and oils. Parrafin wax candles can be toxic with long burning. Sevin London and Evermore London   
  • JOURNAL  The real measure of a gratitude journal is the focus of translating thoughts into written words. Then reading them back months down the line. The touch of bark on a tree in the park, a new client, a kiss, the twinkly lights in that cocktail bar or lunch with my Mum and Dad : all things, great and small, tumble into my bedtime journal, (an admittedly intermittent exercise) in appreciation for the day. This small act of self-reflection, a determined moment to slow down before sleep, a pause on the positive … it all adds to a mindset shift. ‘Where attention goes, energy flows’ …. and all that.
  • BEDTIME BUFFER ZONE  I couldn’t sleep well without transition time. For me it’s a candle-lit bath with oils, mud, salt – I mix it up. Followed by an oily self-massage. Not a cursory slap and dash but slow, dedicated touch that helps tune in and give thanks to the amazing technology that is our body: the crunchy ankle joints, coccyx stiff from a desk-bound day, and my breasts, so as to move the lymph that can stagnate there. Again, it’s the moment alone, the intention and attention of self-love and connection with our bodies, that I swear, brings us balance, so simply. Natural oils beat creams that contain water and therefore preservatives. I’m currently rotating two exquisitely scented and sensual body oils: more oily: Gaia  less oily: Jane Scrivner.
  • GUA SHA  This is a quick evening facial, for free, once you’ve bought the Jade Beauty Restorer, from Katie Brindle, founder of the Hayo’u Method, who’s put the Chinese art of gua sha in our beauty box of tricks. With some face oil for slide, sweep the gua sha down your neck, up your cheek and across your forehead in gentle yet conscious sweeping movements. Just like self-massage, it’s not rocket science to stimulate the blood flow and muscle for a lifting and plumping effect, over time. It’s quick, easy and so satisfying to do.
  • ‘I AM BEAUTIFUL’. This is probably the hardest yet easiest of all these suggestions: looking at ourselves in the mirror and saying out loud: “I am beautiful.” Once we get over this self-conscious affirmation, our body will respond in kind. She’s eternally wise and giving when we acknowledge her. Let’s rewire negative thinking with positive instead. Why not … Wise and Beautiful Ladies, Ageing Gracefully!