Holy man…..? Ho’ly Mo’ses, more like. That was my reaction when I first impaled my back on the mat of thorns. 

We’ve taken meditation and fasting from Hindu asceticism. Now the nail bed is catching on. Skin stimulation – super-spiky-style – has moved from the mystics of Varanassi through the Russian version of drawing pins, (developed last century as a remedial aid) to the latest lifestyle energy enhancer: an all eco, sustainable, yogic bed of lotus flowers – with punch. Alluringly pretty and achingly prickly……… until the zen sensation sets in.

I think Pranamat is our DIY answer to acupuncture – the glorious contradiction of pain giving way to pain relief. Lie down, naked skin on lotus flowers, to unleash a flow of endorphins to release pain and relax. It certainly works faster than chocolate! 25 minutes is optimum – if you can stand it.

242 plastic lotus flowers, each with 24 spiky petals – that’s more than 5000 spikes in all.  The mat covers enough biological points and energy centres in the body to stimulate sluggish organs, blood and lymph – for an all over body-reawakening.

I’m an addict – I lie on it in bed before I get up in the morning and as I fall asleep at night. An early morning mat session energises the whole day, while curiously,  last-thing-at-night it brings on deep sleep.

Now I’m sitting on it – in the belief that the spikes are working their magic on my fleshy bits, encouraging circulation, through my clothes. It’s mildly warm and tingly.

This is my clarion call for Pranamat. It’s the lazy person’s yoga mat: you only ever need lie down on it to get the energy to flow.

Pranamat has been developped by young women in Latvia, using coconut fibre, organic cotton, eco plastic, chemical free dyes and Lithuanian linen. Not one corner cut in the quest for sustainable quality.