Your Time, Your Practice, Your Sensuality

Course Description

This course helps you create more connection with your body, so that you experience it as your trusted, go-to resource of strength and happiness. When you do, you feel more confident and intuitive. And you enjoy your sensual nature. I call it the ripple effect. When you take time to consciously explore using breath, movement, meditation, sound, touch, awareness ... you start to shift patterns of behaviour and clear blocks both conscious and subconscious. Most of all the process is fun. Results are quick. And the investment is never lost.

This course is for you if:

  • You question where you are in your life now

  • You feel invisible

  • You feel overwhelmed, anxious and dart between other people's needs

  • You mourn your younger self

  • You feel disassociated from your body

  • You want more intimacy in your life

  • You want your libido back

  • You put yourself at the bottom of your to-do list

  • You want a new relationship

  • You've been sexually let down, hurt or abused

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What's included in Awaken

You can visit this visually beautiful and carefully structured course as often as you like. Choose different elements to fit with your mood and your day.

  • 8 video modules, each lasting between 5 and 25 minutes - more than 2 hours in total.

  • Each module offers information and practices on topics such breath, meditation, movement, sound, touch and an in-depth understanding of our female anatomy.

  • PDFs of inspiration, resources and recaps on the practices, for you to refer to as you wish.

  • While this course is about discovering your body as a trusted source of esteem and happiness, the reasons for and benefits of everything you learn are clearly explained.

  • This is your opportunity to explore your femininity in private, with me by your side. Thank you for trusting me.

  • There are no checklists, just my heartfelt request that you give yourself the time and attention to do this. You'll love how your body responds.

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What They Say

Course Content

  • 1

    Welcome to Awaken



  • 2

    AWAKEN Tapping In

    • AWAKEN Tapping In

    • AWAKEN Tapping In

  • 3

    AWAKEN Breathing

    • AWAKEN Breathing

    • AWAKEN Rose Bowl Meditation

    • AWAKEN Breathing

  • 4

    AWAKEN Our Genital Anatomy

    • AWAKEN Our Genital Anatomy

    • AWAKEN Our Genital Anatomy

  • 5

    AWAKEN Sound

    • AWAKEN Sound

    • AWAKEN Sound

  • 6

    AWAKEN Movement

    • AWAKEN Movement

    • AWAKEN Free Feminine Flow

    • AWAKEN Movement

  • 7

    AWAKEN Touch

    • AWAKEN Touch

    • AWAKEN Touch

  • 8

    AWAKEN Closing Thoughts

    • AWAKEN Closing Thoughts

    • AWAKEN - I'd love to know how it was for you

Invest in yourself! The process is fun! Results are quick!