Your Stories, My Trust


It's not unusual to reach our middle years and start questioning our lives. We may have a happy family, a successful career - or we may not. Still, this life phase tends to be a staging post for reflection, if also a time when 'stuff' starts taking its toll. It happened to me. I've spent five years listening to women like you and me and can offer you, not only a confidential ear, but recommendations, resources and referrals to different expert practitioners. As women, we like to talk. Sometimes it's not easy to share with those close to us. We all have different issues and interests and it takes understanding how individual we all are, to know how to offer support.

How It Works

  • We meet for an hour, virtually or in person, to talk about how you're feeling now ... and how you'd like to feel different.

  • I write you a plan: things to do, people to follow and introductions to recommended experts, based on our conversation.

  • For a month we can stay in touch before our closing meeting to celebrate how different you feel. And anything else.


With my 30-year career in global wellness and my passion for what I do, I recommend experts in these areas:

  • hormones, nutrition, weight loss

  • meditation and breath work

  • beauty, touch and pain transformation

  • various types of movement: yoga, pilates, Feldenkrais

  • sexuality and the womanly arts

  • energy healing and sound healing

  • astrology and dream decoding

  • acupuncture, ayurveda and other ancient systems

  • retreats and wellness destinations around the world

“You have such a generous way about you that makes people feel at ease.”


“What you give is perfect! So many women will be interested.”


“Your energy and journey is inspiring. Don't stop!”