By way of drilling deep into the details of this skincare range, I’m faced with this mesmerising image. Current headspace tells me it’s a virus, or brain cells, or an x-ray shot of tennis balls. But this is a telescopic view of the smooth edges and labyrinthine nature of the particles of diamotaceous earth, an ocean fossil of millennia ago… Phew!

It’s the clay used in the 320MHz Hydration and Resurfacing Mask. It’s chosen precisely because its granules have smooth round edges, which means they don’t scratch the skin surface and don’t, therefore – and importantly – cause invisible inflammation, scientifically termed ‘inflammaging’. We may not easily notice inflammaging but it adds to skin ageing nonetheless. Preservatives, fragrance – and scratchy particles – are the main aggressors. This mask is as smooth and pure as silk.

This depth of knowledge draws me to a brand. With such a plethora of products to choose from, I want stand-out features to pull some, over others, above the parapet. I also like niche, young brands with passion behind them because it often means they’re filled with love and integrity.

320MHz IS INTEGRITY. The name stands for the vibrational frequency of rose essential oil, the highest-vibrating of all essential oils, which means it has a lot of life-force energy to positively impact our skin cells and our psyche. Pure organic Damascena rose oil from Bulgaria, from where the world’s best rose oil hails, is the core ingredient of the range.

320MHz is preservative-free – not a trace of water anywhere.

320MHz is crammed with bio-active ingredients – with a strong ‘life-force’ due to the plants’ provenance in harsh or pure environments: lingonberries from artic climes; algae from cold seas; rock samphire, a natural botanic retinoid, from shorelines…. and so on.

320MHz is produced using scientifically-advanced extraction methods which allows for as little interference with the ‘life-force’ energy of the plant cell, as possible

“I absolutely believe you can’t improve on the gift of nature, with the least possible interference, to create cellular alignment with our skin,” says founder Paul Berrow.

Once a pop band manager, now he’s an obsessive perfectionist for the properties of prickly pear oil or squalene or raspberry oil for pulling volatile pollutants from our skin. Once he’s on a roll, he’s hard to stop. But I’m happy: talking with Paul feeds my shared respect for abundant nature, her gifts and her symbiotic relationship with all of us, as humans.

A tick for Ageing Gracefully.