Sophie Benge

My Story

Some years ago I went to a women's sexuality workshop. At the end I wept, involuntarily. I soon saw it as an unconscious outpouring of sadness: sad that I'd reached middle age without fully understanding, enjoying or living my sexual potential.

Our sensual energy is our life-force, creative energy

That day set me on the path that leads me here: passionate to share my belief that our bodies and our sensual experiences - however small - are keys to a happy life. Our feminine energy is a beautiful source of confidence. It's not a question of learning, it's already in us. I want to help you activate yours.

Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel

I've been writing about global wellness for more than 20 years. I'm also a menopausal mother. My personal and professional journeys come together in The Art of Being SHE, an accessible platform to make women in midlife - YOU - feel good about yourself. I draw from ancient medicine philosophies, neuroscience, expert practitioners, people and experiences that have had a profound effect on me.

Give your sense of self the attention it deserves

In recent years, my Ageing Gracefully retreats and workshops have had a real positive effect on the women who came. Now I'm reaching more women, sharing ways to make you feel more alive and connected than you ever imagined.

When we're plugged into our sensual nature, we're plugged into life

“You should be very proud of your creation, it's a wonderful thing.”


“You have such a generous way about you that makes people feel at ease.”


“The way you expressed yourself is beautiful, like listening art.”


My Books

For Healing Sources, I travelled through Central and Eastern Europe exploring the traditional wellness cultures that celebrate the power of natural resources to heal and live well. In Hungary I found the most potent organic mud for rejuvenating our face and relaxing our body.
While editor of Elle Decoration Hong Kong, I fell in love with Asian health and beauty rituals, from the paddy fields to the palaces. Tropical Spa showcases regional spas and traditional treatments.

My Clients