Awaken the Feminine

Retreats and Workshops

My work with women focuses on tapping into our innate feminine nature for living with greater happiness and self-esteem. When we live from the truth of who we are so many benefits ripple int our daily lives. Keys to tapping into our 'true feminine' include thoughtful enquiry, connecting more closely with our bodies and our sensual aliveness through embodiment practices, nurturing our sexual energy as the seat of our power, gathering with other women in a shared purpose and hands on bodywork.
My programmes combine learning and sharing with embodiment practices because when we embed in our bodies what we take into our heads we create a wisdom that sticks. Each of my workshops focuses on a different aspect of our femininity: 'FEMININE ALCHEMY', 'AWAKENING EROS' and 'OUR VIBRANT SEXUALITY.' Yet they all share the high vibration that only we women create when we come together. I also offer my MEDITATION IN TOUCH treatment. Please get in touch to explore how we can collaborate.

Ageing Gracefully

Menopause Programmes

I also curate retreats and workshops that support women across all aspects of midlife wellbeing, creating bespoke programmes, with specially-chosen experts, to sensitively address the range of issues that can tap us on the shoulder in our middle years.