Welcome to your home for awakening the sensual part of you

Here you'll find courses, workshops, retreats and private conversations. I also share my musings and sell products I love. 

Everything you find here is rooted in my passionate belief that when we listen, trust and live in dialogue with our bodies, we nourish our sensual aliveness. More than that: we feed our innate feminine power. And when we do this, we are happier, more confident and more magnetic. 

The best way to start is with AWAKEN, my first, at-home, self-paced course that sets you on the path of .... connecting to you body, awakening your sensuality and ... transforming your world!

I've learned, from women over recent months, that many of you have your own particular questions. So I've added a new option: AWAKEN with 1:2:1, so that we can also speak together in a safe and confidential space.

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What They Say

'Sophie takes you on a journey that informs so many aspects of your life you never knew existed. You just want to jump in and discover more.' 

Paola Johnson