Are you a midlife woman with a growing sense of invisibility and drop in libido?

Perhaps you:

Lack confidence

Feel anxious

Feel invisible

Think negatively

Detach from your body

Avoid sex

All this can change!

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Embodied journeys to make you feel good about yourself

When you take time to connect with your body, using breath, movement, sound, touch, awareness ... you start to shift patterns of behaviour and clear blocks, conscious and subconscious.

The process is fun. Results are quick. The investment is never lost. Best of all, it's already in you. 

I help you awaken.

Does this resonate?

'Sophie was ahead of her time with her retreats for midlife women. The depth of her work, accessible approach and intimate space she creates are exactly what women are seeking.' 

Victoria Fuller and Caroline Slyger Jones, Partners at Queen of Retreats.

I'm on a mission to redefine midlife, one sensual step at a time

If your sense of self and your sex drive are not what they were, you have the power to change. I'm a menopausal mother who's known what 'lack' feels like. But I also know that when we awaken our sensuality, we release our own source of power and pleasure. My personal journey and long wellness career come together in embodied journeys that help midlife women - YOU - feel good about yourself.

“Amazing experience, exceeded all my expectations.”


“This gave me far more than I thought. You hit the nail on the head.”


“I have a different light. My spirit is smiling and I feel recharged.”


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